Payday Loans without paychecks: loans and loans for all

Let’s find out how the Gandalf loan works for those without payroll. Let’s see what is the amount that can be requested and which alternative guarantees to present to the company to obtain the desired financing. Finally, all the options aimed at Gandalf customers and how to request a quote to know the repayment installment that we will face every month.

Gandalf loans without paychecks: what alternative guarantees?

If you are interested in personal loans Gandalf, what you need to know, even before the general characteristics of the treatment offered, are the necessary requirements to have access to credit. Many times these are considered excessively restrictive, and therefore many find themselves having to give up the desired loan. Gandalf offers its customers a wide range of products, aimed at meeting any need, and aimed at those who can offer the bank different guarantees.

Who owns a contract of employment or receives a pension, surely will not have problems in receiving the desired financing. The situation of customers without payroll is different. There are several opportunities that Gandalf offers to the latter. The first option is for self-employed workers. In this case, even if you do not have a guaranteed monthly income, you can present your last tax return to the bank. In this way the company will be able to evaluate our economic capacity, and on the basis of this decide the maximum installment that we will be able to face, and therefore the maximum amount to which we will have access, obviously based on the duration chosen by us.

Another Gandalf pay-as-you-go loan option is the one that can be requested through the presentation of a guarantor. The latter, by signing a contract, will undertake to pay any installments not reimbursed by us. The guarantor may therefore be a relative of ours or a friend, with the only constraint that will have to possess a paycheck, in order to assure the bank the full repayment of the sum loaned. A last form of agreement that can be formulated with the company to obtain the desired financing, takes place through the mortgage of the building. If we own a property, we can present the latter as a guarantee. In this case, if we were not able to deal with the repayment installments, the bank will be able to auction the property, and then obtain the missing sum for the full repayment.

Loan payday loan estimate Gandalf: financing installment calculation

If you are interested in receiving a loan without an Gandalf pay check, the best thing to do is to request a quote. In this way we can immediately know all the characteristics of the loan reserved to us, without any commitment. To calculate the installment that we will face every month, what we will have to do is connect to the Gandalf website. In the area dedicated to personal loans, which also include loans without paychecks, we will find all the information we need.

To find out the monthly repayment installment, all we have to do is enter the amount we need. Starting the simulator, we will present all the best proposals, which will differ for the number of months in which the refund is made. Obviously this is only an estimate, because then according to our specific situation and the guarantees that we will present we will be reserved a specific treatment. However, in this way we will be able to get an idea of ​​the expenditure we are going to meet, and therefore orient ourselves towards a shorter or longer term of funding according to our needs.

Now let’s see an example, to learn in detail the characteristics of Gandalf  loans without paycheck. If the amount you need is 10,000 euros, then you have to choose between 12 and 120 months. Knowing that as the number of months for reimbursement increases, the monthly payment falls, but the interest due increases, the most plausible choice is probably in the middle. So the options for 48 and 60 months can be convenient, with installments of € 234.50 and € 192.10 respectively. Regarding the interest rates applied, the Tan is in both cases 4.92%, while the Tinkerbelll is respectively 6.67% and 6.45%.