Loan to Buy iPhone, Tablet, iPad and Sansung SIII

Loan to buy, buy and buy!

Loan to buy, buy and buy!

Credit lines to fund smartphones, mobile phone, smartphone and tablet financing may be your next step in acquiring a new mobile device. Anyone who is tech-savvy has to have a state-of-the-art device like an iPhone 4s and “iPhone 5” or an Apple iPad. The famous Android Tablets are also in Wishlist, and the Samsung SIII, the best smartphone in the world despite the fanboys think not. But is it worth it to take money in the bank or fund it with a loan to make that little more expensive wish.

The small electronic gadgets are not cheap, to put a good smartphone in the pocket the consumer will disburse at least $ 1,100 and the most advanced can cost $ 2,100, for a population that earns on average $ 1,345 reais, pay an amount so loud in a cell phone, it becomes incoherent. We all know that the situation in Brazil, despite being “controlled”, is not easy and even so, sales of smartphones financed with bank loans or financed with the plans of the operators has been steadily increasing.

Even those who earn little, that is, who does not have a monthly income above $ 1,500, has an iPhone in his pocket and fires status everywhere, the most demanding go further and buy the Samsung SIII that costs about $ 2,050, The view comes out cheaper. Whoever is willing to have the toy on a whim or by a simple “status” faces the financing of 12 to 24 months offered in the stores accredited in a good.

The hi-tech loan has already become the most common way to acquire electronic devices, many with a credit limit on the card have the advantages of installment in 10/12 times without interest, who does not have free limit ends up in the special check with interest of 4 , 99% to 8.9%. It is also possible to use the payroll loan to buy iPhone and smartphones of dreams. To buy the handsets, the impression it gives is that there are no limits, no crisis, no low salary, if you have clean name the brand new tablet is certainly guaranteed success in the family.

To win consumers many partnerships are formatted between institutions and cellular operators, Vivo, Claro, Tim, Oi and many others offer the possibility of financing, in the market Banrisul has a line of credit called CDC Digital to finance smartphones and equipment Bradesco finances the iPhone without bureaucracy. Both fund the wish by up to 24 times.

It’s pretty easy to understand why banks and financiers have so much interest in financing and lending to buy iPhone and smartphones, who does not want to have an Apple product, Sansumg or BlackBerry, surely this strategy is already part of the movement should burst in the Brazil, mobile payment and payment via smartphone, in addition the number of account holders using mobile devices to carry out financial operations are constantly increasing.

An interesting way to acquire the smartphone of the latest fashion is by Vivo, at the operator the financing could be done with American Express, a company controlled by the Bradesco group in Brazil. Who owns an Amex card can use the accumulated bonuses to discount the value of the device, if there is a balance, it can still be divided in the invoice.

Remarks : If you can not wait to get the money to buy your new discounted mobile device, consider whether it’s better to fund:

1 -) For the cellular operator in the plans offered up to 24 months and fidelity contract, it is necessary to ask the CET, each operator has an interest rate;
2 -) Financing by your bank through the loan limit of 4.5% to 8.9%;
3 -) Taking a loan consigned in up to 12 times with interest of 0.79% or;
4 -) By credit card installment of the device from 1 to 12 times without interest.

What kind of loan to buy mobile device will you use?